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FoodStruck: A food truck party comes to York

Oh the anticipation is killing me!

Of Pots and Pens

If a festival of food trucks appeared in your neighborhood, you too might go crazy at the thought of stuffing your belly with the samples of delicious fare. So when I heard that several people were organizing such an event in my own town, I was filled with joy. FoodStruck is coming to York 5 to 9 p.m. Oct. 11 at Pershing Avenue between Market and Philadelphia streets.

One of the organizers and local photographerPhilip Given took a few moments earlier this week to answer some questions on what this event means for our bellies and the community.

Q: What is FoodStruck?

A: foodstruck is a Food Truck Block Party taking over Pershing Ave. in downtown York on October 11th. We’re closing the street and popping up with food trucks, YorShoppes craft/vintage market and live music.

Q: How did this event come to be and who is the driving…

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Blue Bag 2.1 and One Year of Blogging

Blue Bag 2.1

Blue Bag 2.1!  Yes, the CSA is back – we received our first share this week and I am so excited!  Not only that but today marks one year since I launched this blog! One year has seen us move homes twice, go from container garden to urban homesteading, I went back to school, there were tragedies and joys, many friendships were built or strengthened, there were family reunions, weddings, and “nieces” and “nephews” were born – all in all its hard for me to believe so much has happened in one short year.  I think I’ll pour myself a glass tonight and toast to the next year and all the adventures it may bring! Read more…

The Garden at Four and Eight Weeks In

This is my first year with a yard garden.  I’ve grown the small stuff you can do in containers in apartments, which was great, but it’s not the same thing as having a yard to walk barefoot in and tend to a wide variety of larger plants that aren’t always feasible in apartment living.  I am learning so much and a lot of this regular picture taking is for me to learn from and have a record of how things went, but I figured you might like to see how things are going – as well as some of the issues we have been having.

The Raised Bed

What a difference four weeks can make!  Despite an opossum bedding down in the potatoes one stormy night the raised bed is bursting with vegetation. (See the new cucumber earthbox in the corner?)  You can hardly see the cabbage through the potatoes now but they have gotten enormous and sadly they attracted aphids.  Remember that Virginia creeper Ana keeps on the back fence? Well, it attracts a large variety of birds for the home and for the food it provides.  Much to our surprise the sparrows that keep coming around absolutely love the aphids – eat them all straight up!

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Strawberries and Crème Fraîche

Quarts of StrawberriesAs long as I can remember, I have looked forward to strawberry season. Strawberries marked the beginning of summer and the end of the school year. They meant fresh strawberries with sugar, pies, and of course my mother’s freezer jam. I am sure at some time or another my mother must have bought strawberries from the store but I sure don’t remember when. What I do remember is waking up early to make the trek to pick our own strawberries over at Butler’s Orchard. As a child, that seemed like a long drive, I mean we went from suburbia through woods and ended up on a farm (in reality it’s about fifteen minutes from my childhood home). There was the itchy straw under our legs, crouching down and searching for the perfect berry, eating almost as many strawberries as ended up in the flat, and the rush to pick them before the sun got too high and too hot. It was one of those rituals that marked the passing of the seasons. Read more…

May’s Monthly Foraging Class at the Horn Farm Center.

I can finally make it this month – meet you there?

Nathan Carlos Rupley


May 18 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. @ the Horn Farm Center.

These classes are held every 3rd Saturday of each month.
Lead by Jonathan Darby and Nathan Carlos Rupley
as well as other area foragers and plant nerds.

We will be discussing and demonstrating many uses of wild plants
with an emphasis on learning to actually work them into our lives.

Suggested Donation of $15, but pay what you can if you can.

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Just two weeks!

Ana's mint always wants to engulf the garden - I just want to make tea!

Ana’s mint always wants to engulf the garden – I just want to make tea!

Me: I don’t what is up this year, I hate spring but this year I am loving it!

Bones: This year you’re really gardening …

Me: Oh, yeah!

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On My Urban Tribes

It’s one of those weeks where I debate about whether I should post or not. My mother would have turned 62 today except she passed away six years ago on Tuesday. It’s a week that annually finds me in a rather melancholy mood, short on attention, and more introspective than I usually am. It’s a pit of blues that can be all to easy to fall into and not something I am prone to really sharing. This year, I had a realization that snapped me out of that pit.  You see, this week I was introduced to the concept of “Urban TribalismRead more…

Playing in the Dirt

Ready, set, garden!

I don’t know about you but I have been waiting all winter to get out there and play in the dirt.  Well, it finally arrived! On Sunday, we gathered together members of our community and enjoyed a day at Ana’s that was full of friends, food, and most importantly setting up the garden. Ana has a lovely yard full of gorgeous blooms, strawberries, herbs, and all variety of vegetables. This year Ana wanted to reclaim her yard from the blooming bulbs threatening to overtake her beds and grow food, food, and more food. I was thrilled with this not only because it means I get to help her grow stuff but it’s going to give us a shot at trying urban homesteadingRead more…

Easter is Coming!

Just for fun!

Easter dogs and bunnies

Picture by Ana Frazier

I wish you all a happy, joy filled, and blessed Easter!

Upcoming Plant walks and Classes: March and April 2013

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