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Blue Bag 2.1 and One Year of Blogging

Blue Bag 2.1

Blue Bag 2.1!  Yes, the CSA is back – we received our first share this week and I am so excited!  Not only that but today marks one year since I launched this blog! One year has seen us move homes twice, go from container garden to urban homesteading, I went back to school, there were tragedies and joys, many friendships were built or strengthened, there were family reunions, weddings, and “nieces” and “nephews” were born – all in all its hard for me to believe so much has happened in one short year.  I think I’ll pour myself a glass tonight and toast to the next year and all the adventures it may bring!

While, I hope you’ll toast with me tonight, I know you won’t be eating the seasonal delights found in my CSA this week.  Perhaps you got your own share this year?  Tell me what you’re getting! Here’s what we got:

  • a head of lettuce
  • a bag of arugula
  • a bag of mixed spring greens
  • a bag of mixed mustard greens and mizuna
  • 9 radishes (with greens!)
  • Strawberries (no I am not sick of them yet!)
  • 4 garlic scapes
  • 7 green onions

While I am loving all the tender greens for my lunches this week, what I am most excited about is the radish greens and garlic scapes.  I have been craving some more radish and scape pesto and now I get to make some!  The perfect side dish to those lovely greens, maybe with some strawberries for dessert – lunch is ready to go!  I love fast fresh lunches, really nothing beats eating fresh veggies when they are in season.  Sure I can get stuff at the store or market in the off season, but it never tastes quite as good as in season (though our market does have a few stands that come quite close).

Oh, now that we’re talking about CSAs again, don’t forget to skip on over to In Her Chucks to see what some other folks are getting in their shares and what they are doing with them.

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7 thoughts on “Blue Bag 2.1 and One Year of Blogging

  1. Okay, thankyouverymuch for posting that recipe because I got garlic scapes and radishes (with greens) in my CSA allotment today, too. *easy button*😀

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  3. I’ve seen garlic scape recipes but never a pesto recipe that also calls for radishes. Great idea, thank you for posting.

  4. I totally have garlic scape envy😦 They sound delish!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up

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